We are on day four of the Kenya Tanzania trip. The food is better and the hygene is better, but somehow a bunch of our

people are sick. I think from a coffee shop as Edith and I are fine and only eat at the camp or drink bottled coke.

The bottled water is not safe here but the safari has there own, ie people package tap water in shrink sealed cap bottles.

It is hilly and much more tropical, we crossed the equator back and forth 3 times now. We climbed Mt Kenya to the Mau Mau

caves which is where the independence movement centered. The people of this group are "soft" I can easily out hike nearly

all of them. Very few want to go hiking! What a difference in groups! We then went to Samburu Wildlife park and seen

a gazelle and Gerenuk and some Blue Guinea. So far no Cheetah or leopard. We seen Thompson Falls and this morning the

Great Rift Valley which is a separation of the earth from Israel to Mozambique. Next we go to Nakuru NP Park for flamingo's

Rhino's, Elands and some other wildlife, then Lake Baringo. We are fine, have about 16 days on safari yet. Getting tired

of hearing Dutch all the time, 24 hours a day; especially Edith! I handle it a lot better, as I just corner someone who

speaks English to find out what is going on.; Our tour leader Trace does a better job keeping us informed than on the first

tour. Well got to run as it costs a fortune for internet here, hope this does not dump on me before I get it sent!

Let me tell you if you feel like you have problems just be thankful you live in the USA, we just don't appreciate how good

we have it as much as we should. BTW there are no USA people here, we ask all the people and they say no and we have met none.

It is quite safe here.

Ed and Edith