Greetings from Kitale Kenya

We are at Kitale, I already lost what I typed so this will even be shorter! Edith and are fine! Only we and four others

have not been sick on this trip. We are careful and we have our immunity from Mexico so are thankful! Kenya is very nice

and very friendly. You will get a travelogue on our toilet guide for Kenya, they are not so nice! We will be in Tanzania

tomorrow and will go to Lake Victoria then the Serengetti and Ngorongoro Carter where we will see lots of big game.

Hopefully a leopard and cheetah which are the only two main animals we have not seen. We have fantastic pictures!

I may be able to send a real travelogue from Tanzania if I get time. No time here and the connection is slow and I am

going to send this before I lose it a second time. Kenya is safe where we have been, people are nice and it is green,

much corn and farming, and lots of mountains and they farm right up the mountain sides but don't see erosion.

We will be in the USA in about 12 days!

Ed and Edith