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For the list Ole,


On Saturday we took the tram up to the Alyeska Ski resort and got some nice pictures. We had lunch for $3.00 with a

beautiful view from the ski lodge up top. They had a combo deal of $18(15+3) for the tram and lunch. Next was the

Portage glacier and then we took the F-350 into Whittier. Last year was the first year this was possible as cars now

take turns with the train for the 2.5 mile tunnel. Previously you could just ride the train or put your vehicle on a

railroad car. We seen where our friend Dave Carmicheal stayed when he was in the army at Whittier. There is a great deal

of military history in regards to Whittier as the weather is almost always bad so it would be hard to spot from the air,

far north harbor open the year around, etc. We then took a 6 person charter and seen the Blackstone Glacier calving and

several other glaciers, great scenery and some sea otters but no whales. We had supper on board and sat up top with the

captain. It was clear and th sun shined brightly. By far the nicest day since we got to Alaska.

We talked to our son Curt for the 3rd week in a row tonight on ham radio and got word thru him from our son Tom and that

Tom had talked to Jack on his birthday. We worked on the next web page upload today and made great progress figuring out

a much faster and better way to do it. It is 99% ready to go with the pictures from Anchorage and Whittier.

We are going fishing on the Kenai on Tuesday for King Salmon and hopefully we have success and can can some and then we

should be moving south for some ocean fishing and touring out of Seward.

BTW we have not gotten any E-mail for the last 4 days so please send some! Thanks

Ed and Edith

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