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Ole, Please forward!

We spent four nights at Tangle Lake BLM no fee campground in the high country west of Paxson on the Old Denali highway.

We picked Blueberries, Crow Berries and Low Bush Cranberries and canned them as jam and also did some Blueberries for

pies, muffins, etc. They were just wonderful in our pancakes. We did a day trip to Glennallen where Mt. Hood and Mt

Sanford are beautiful. We also saw Sourdough AK were Del KL7HF has his cabin. A very nice area! BTW the high pass we

crossed south of Prudhoe Bay is Atigun Pass I had the incorrect name.

We spent a day processing berries, canning, getting the 3rd web upload ready, putting my mobile BugCatcher antenna back

together with the repaired stainless steel tube coutesy of Fairbanks Welding and wired in a knife switch in the 5th battery

compartment. I love that as I can now switch between the battery bank and the 5th batteries in about 15 seconds,

wonderful! The last day at Tangle Lakes we went to Cantwell by Denali and seen some beautiful scenery. I am amazed by

the "QUAD" activity! It seemed like every vehicle was pulling a trailer with "QUADS" on them. There are areas on the BLM

land where they can ride them. It looks like fun but would be a pain hauling them out and back but we have seen a lot of

them on the trip. Definitely a very, rapidly growing recreation activity. We could not resist and ended up picking a

couple of gallons more of berries.

We packed up to head for Delta Junction and the library to try and upload but only could check my E-mail. Uploading 8 MB

on the road is a real problem. I need to get a r/w CD ROM but even then it is going to take 1 to 1.5 hours to delete the

material on the web site and load the new material and the libraries typically just give you 30 minutes. The best answer

may be to mail the CD to someone and have them load it for me. The other way is to get access to a phone line and use a

phone card but it is nearly impossible to find a phone line you can use for 1 to 1.5 hours other than staying at a motel

or something like that. The best way is a friend like Mike or Del in Anchorage. Thanks again guys!

We spent the night at TOK by Youngs Cafe and Fuel where they let you stay if you get fuel there. We ate at the cafe and

it was excellent. Today is the nicest day we have had in a long time! There is bright sunshine, just a few puffy white

clouds and it is warm in the sunshine, I suppose the low 70's. We are at Kluane Lake, Yukon, CG and it is the most

beautiful place we have camped yet. Muncho Lake was like this on the way up but not as large and the CG were full.

Since it was only 1:30 PM i figured we might be able to get a spot. We got the last spot next to the lake. It is

about 20 miles long and 1 to 2 miles wide. It is a beautiful, deep, turquoise coler which comes from copper being

leached out of the rocks forming copper sulfate which gives it this wonderful color. We sat on the beach by our camper

and drank it in. It is surrounded by high mountains on all sides some of which still have snow on them. If one had a

cabin on the north side so you could have the south sun looking out over the lake and see the mountains all around you

but in this case look out over the lake at the mountains it would be as pretty as place as I have ever seen in my life!

I got some great pictures.

Back a few miles at Burwell Landing we stopped at a neat shop that has burl spruce and black diamond willows that is used

to make hiking sticks. He was really interesting and took us into his wood shop and showed us how he does some of his

work. Definitely a geat stop for us!

Tomorrow we try for Haines, AK again, aborted on that today for Kluane Lake. Lots to see and do at Haines with the Bald

Eagle Preserve, ferry, train to White Pass, glacier bay, possibly a ferry to Juneau and maybe ferry the 5th and pickup

to Skagway but we will have to see!

My son Jack has been telling me about the Chilkoot Pass for years so we have to check that out at Skagway.

The E-mail connection is working just great, really fast so feel more than free to send us E-mails

just remember if you use REPLY to delete all the text except what you write us, thanks!

Kluane Lake a must stop on the ALCAN, it is so beautiful here!

Ed and Edith

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