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I spent my birthday and today operating the Amateur Radio Field Day Contest. I made 205 contact in 58 sections and worke

7 DX station. I could hear very well here in the Yukon but had trouble getting people to hear me! I had my 20 met4r alum

dipole at 40 feet with a 40 meter inverted vee below it. Dipole for 10 meters but no opening. Use Bugcatcher on pickup

15 meters and worked some stations on Saturday. I should of put up a 15 meter diple rather the the 10 meter one. I aslo

had another Bugcatcher on 20 but the dipole was always better. We had the 3 elem. 6 meter beam at 22 feet but nothing.

We are by Salmon Lake on the Campbell HWY about 100 miles southeast of Dawson, Yukon. CG is called Drury. Learning

handle the mosquitoes. We put on our face screen and heavy clothes or if hot our screen shirts with screen hoods. If the

are really bad we wear glooves or spray your hands with bug spray. Since our one terrible night by Polar Bear Lake we have

kept the mosqwitoes out of the 5th

We lost a tire on Friday south of Ross River. Ruined the rim as well! Fortunately we have two spares mounted on rims

(Now one until we buy another tire and rim) The electric brake wire to that wheel also broke but I got it fixed. Really

thankful for all the tools and supplies we brought. Diesel costs about $2.00 a gallon were we are off the main road. Next

leg is the Dempster Hwy (gravel) to the Artic circle in Inuvik.

Love Ed and Edith

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