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Ole, For the list

Greetings from Lucerne Provincial CG BC near Jasper National Park of the Canadian Rockies! We spent three wonderful days at

Terrace, BC with Rick and Carmin Snider their son Richard and daughter Shelby what wonderful people and friends! We gave

them a call when we got to Terrace and Rick said he would meet us and we could follow him to their place. We got parked in

their yard and they showed us around and then we went on a hike and picked Rasberries and something new Huckleberries which

are their favorite. We then went fishing for Pink Salmon and I never seen anything like it! Rice jigged off the bank and

5 or 6 Pink came rushing for the lure! He immediately has a Pink. They only keep the females so the biggest trick was to

try and catch a female rather than a male. When they enter fresh water the male starts to get a hump on their back hence

the name Humpie. We catch our limit and head for home. The only bad thing about Terrace is that it rained all the time we

were there. They insisted we come in and we had a nice visit, had tea and some lunch. Carmin had called her dad about

trailer tires for us so I talked to him on the telephone and he insisted on selling them to us for his cost since we had

helped them out at Hyder, AK so I made an appointment for Saturday morning. Rick also called his mother and she wanted to

have a seafood supper for us on Sunday night which he set up and I talked to her about what to see in Prince Rupert.

In the morning we took Rick's pickup, delivered the tires to be changed, got propane, got the special fishing lures(the

Pink were so easy to catch as Rick knew just what lure to use after years of experince) and I got a BC fishing license and

we found out the banks that were normally open on Saturday morning were closed for the 3 day Labor Day Holiday. He also

picked up the smoker from his Dad to smoke the fish we caught. We then headed out on a day trip to the lava fields which

is the most recent lava flow in Canada about 100 miles north of Terrace which covers 1000's of acres and also toured an

First Nations village and got some pictures of the TOTEM Poles and crossed the river on a swinging cable bride about 150

feet above the river. It used to be the only way in and out of the village until winter.

We then got back and went fishing. Edith caught about 20 pink and eventually kept some large female pink. We filled

Rick's limit and the kids limit as well. We then went back and Carmin had cooked a chinese supper which was excellent

and we visited until bed time. The evening I demonstrated the ham radio and they were amazed to hear Moscow, all over

the U.S. and Japen. On Sunday toward noon we went to Prince Rupert and toured the bay, got some literature on charters

for a possible two meter Dx pedition from an Alaskan Is toured the Cannery Museum and the ferry terminal. I also used

the Internet for the first time in my life from Java Dot Cafe Internet Cafe and got my e-mail and did my banking and

checked on the Canadian exchange rate. It is very pretty with high green lush mountains with cascading narrow waterfalls

coming down for a 1000 feet or more. The Skeena Rives is a mighty big river. We got back and it was time to go to supper

to Ricks Dad Ron and mother. We got there and Rick's sister and family were there and it looked like three THANKSGIVING

IN ONE but it was SEAFOOD. There were two huge dishpans, I'd say five gallons of Dungonese Crabs, Two huge bowls of

Prawns (large shrimp) a huge bowl of Red Snapper fish and a two huge kettles of white and red clam chodder. In addtion

there were pineapple, cantaloupe, watermelon, lettuce salad, baked potatoes, vegatables and a huge bowl of pasta noodles

and hamburger, pop, tea, coffee, juice, pumpkin bars and apple pie and ice cream. That is what I remember!!! I just

ate seafood. This was all seafood that trapped/caught in the ocean during the last week. I have never eaten so much sea

food in my life and probably never will again!

We had a great visit about Canada and the US, First Nation people, taxes, logging, you name it! The time just flew by

and we had to head off. When we got home the smoked pinks were done and we had the recipe from Rick and the clam chodder

recipes and had left over pinapple, crabs and some clam chodder soup for our refrigerator and all the other pink were

frozen and in our freezer which is more than chucked full of fish. We also have more rasberry jam and some Huckleberry

jam. We are still eating seafood and it is Wednesday. We should finish it up tomorrow, Thursday as we want to make sure

it does not get old. It sure is a great thing to have to eat a lot of seafood fast!!!

On Monday morning it made one's eyes water to leave such WONDERFUL PEOPLE. We gave Rich a birthday present and it was

his birthday on Labor Day and gave Rick and Carmin a gift. We gave each other hugs and had to leave. We have a standing

invitation to come stay with them anytime we get to Terrace and of course they have the same for SD. So all this developed

out of stopping along Salmon Road north of Hyder, AK to see if we could help them as they had their hood up. We towed

them in, well I think you have heard all that.

Today we passed Terry Fox Mountain. This mountain was named in 1981 to honor Terry Fox cancer victim who had his leg

amputated(SP) at 18 years of age and before dying from cancer at age 22 he raised some $25 million dollars for cancer

research during his attempt to run from the Atlantic Ocean across Canada to his home in BC. He trained with his

artificial leg for several months and made it about half way across Canada before the cancer spread to his lungs and

he had to quit and soon passed away. This travelogue is dedicated to all the WONDERFUL PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN THIS WORLD.

The news and media report all the bad and I CAN TELL YOU THERE ARE SO MANY, MANY, MANY WONDERFUL PEOPLE WE MEET


Ed and Edith

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