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July 1st Sunday

We arrived at Chicken, Alaska around noKKon on Saturday and stopped at a nice, large RV Park. It is brand new, no hookups

but picnic tables and very nice, fine gravel with beautiful new wood buildings with stained wood. We parked for $5.00 a

night and for $5.00 you can pan gold as long as you want. They also mine and have a big pile of their "pay dirt" you can

pan. Edith has gotten to know the whole family really well. The have a girl that goes to college in CO, Josea and a son

Wes who will be a Jr. After the summer is over they go to Homer, Alaska for the summer. They have 50 acres here which

some has never been mined. I visited with Wes quite a bit. Edith got some gold by panning, this is a much, much better

deal than Dawson City, YK. All of Edith's planning a work has really been paying out. So far we have bought 1 gallon of

milk and two loaves of bread. The food has been great. We had a lot of drinking water along but eventually ran out so

we boiled water back in the Yukon and then the other day at the CG by Dawson City. She uses the big pressure cooker with

out the lid on the gas stove. She says she really enjoys the hot showers and the bed sleeps great. We got our routine

down so we each do certain things setting up and moving out! I took out to a Salmon Bake last night at the Chicken Cafe

so that was our first time eating out. She has been reading a lot. Nearly all the CG are down along a creek in a valley

with all kinds of trees and we can not get a Satellite TV signal. The dishes need to be aimed right on the horizon up hear.

In Canada all you can get is the two Canadian satellite signals. We are subscribed to Bell Express Vu Canada and we will

also get that here in AK when we set up for a few days and have a clear shot to the south. Edith is my co-pilot reading the

MILEPOST, looking at the GPS and other maps and reading me the info out of them as we go along. We have washed the camper

and pickup 3 times as it really got dirty on the gravel. I can tell how far it is down on the passenger side by her "PUCKER

FACTOR" When she is leaning me way you know it is a long, long ways down.

We toured Chicken AK which has three stores, got some Chicken, AK sweatshirts, and visited with the people camped her.

Edith finds out all this information. See has been talking to the people on the Holland AK tour buses at the laundry mat

in Dawson City and again her at Chicken and today at Eagle. We took a day trip with just the pickup to Eagle, AK WOW!

Edith's pucker factor was the highest I have seen it. Even made a old tower climber like me suck in my breath. There

were a number of places we are on the side of the mountain, to narrow to meet an on coming vehicle and at least, at least

1/4 mile virtually straight down!

Eagle is on the Yukon and we seen the Yukon Queen which is a tour boat running between Eagle and Dawson City. We talked

to a family who moved there from CA 21 years ago. In the winter the only in and out is airplane or dog sled down the

Yukon to Dawson City or sometimes snow machine down the river. They were selling things they made in the winter to the


There are a couple of ham operators near Chicken that the family that runs the camp ground have been telling us about.

She is Postmaster but their little girl broke her arm falling off a horse so she is in Fairbanks and they are putting

in pins. The husband Dick is around so Josea is going to ride her bike down their tonight. They are on a private road

along with a number of other people and the have it locked off because of all the tourists.

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