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Ole, For the list

We are in a friends yard Mike and Lana Melum. Mike graduated from SDSU in engineering and grew up in Redfield. He is also

an amateur radio operator. We have a great view as we are in east Anchorage up aways on the mountains on the east side.

We can see Cook Inlet and down toward Kenai. The first open slot the local Jayco has to work on the 5th is Wednesday at

9 a.m. so hopefully they can get everything fixed up especially in regards to the leaf spring.

We also met our life time friend Del Seay who we got to know in Rapid City nearly 30 years ago who I have talked to over

the radio over all these years. He lives on the east side also but down the mountain a bit. We are contact from the 5th

and also mobile so Del gives us directions to where ever we need to go. We found out we can use this frequency and keep

in contact all the way south down to Denali so this is going to work great. Today after going to the Jayco dealer we

checked out Walmart, Sam/s, and Kmart The lots were full of RV's who stayed in the lots! We are just amazed how reasonable

prices are in the stores we were in today! I got 12 zip disks for $92.00, bread was 87 cents, gallon of bottled water 67

cents, developing film $2.12 for 24 exposures 3 x 3, singles, 18 eggs $1.69, etc. I could see very little difference from

Sioux Falls. This is really a welcome thing as every place else up here things have been very, very expensive. They also

have Lowes and Home Depot up here so we will check them out tomorrow. We need to get propane soon and find it is also

reasonable in price where elsewhere it was outrageous!

We then spent the afternoon with Mike and Lana and had a great visit! I am able to send and get E-Mail in good shape so

if you want to send me E-Mails go for it! Tonight I am going to work on the web page to get ready to upload it. Del said

I could use his computer so we should be ready to do that Monday or so. Edith is watching TV tonight on the Dishnetwork.

We are going to do some touring in this area and just take it easy for a few days until we get the work done on the 5th.

The mosquitoes have not shown up so it must be for real. It is great not to have to race to get in the 5th or F-350 to

prevent 15 mosquitoes from getting inside and one can actually be outside with out having bug clothes on or dosed in bug

spray. We found you need the 100% deet up here to get much benefit from bug spray!

Later, Ed and Edith

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