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Ole, For the list

Greetings from Anchorage,

The web site has been updated and has about 12 MB of information. The web page update was made possible by KL7HF Del and

Mike AL7OB who let me use their connections. It is a long upload!

I have learned a lot the past four days working on and off at this web page project. It is about all I did yesterday but

based on what I have learned I should be able to speed up the preparation time in the future. As I am limited in the

amount of web space to around 20 MB to possibly 30 MB and I have used most of that getting the pictures up what is likely

to happen is that before I upload again I will have to delete the pictures to make room for the next upload likely in about

a month or so.

Therefore if you want to see the pictures or want the travelogue I would suggest to be safe not waiting more than a couple

of weeks. If you want to save anything I would suggest printing it out. I will put this all on a "ZIP" disk so if anytime

in the future anybody wants it we can make it available from home. Hopefully now that I have more experience with this I

can come up with smaller file sizes for the picture you get when you click on the thumb print but still big enough to be

decent. What I have come up with so far is either to small or to big so you got the to big version. If I can get that

size down to something im between it will speed the upload time on this end and also help you load the picture quicker

when you click on the thumb print.

Anyway I think you will find the pictures absolutely beautiful. If you have forgotten or never got it the web site is

Ed and Edith

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