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We got a good start to the west but had real difficulty getting through Halifax. The Province map and city map on it are not very clear and there are only two bridges across the river both toll. The so called Interstates don't go all the way through and the entrances and exits are very difficult to figure out if you have not actually done them. When we got to the bridge toll booth we got in the lane and found we did not have the right change so again another reason to carry some change, especially quarters. We managed to get backed out and to the one manned booth. Boy these things have signs all over and the locals are whizzing by and you just don't have time to study things. It is tough!!!

We finally got headed west along the coast route to Peggy's Cove which was not like I pictured at all. It is an area of huge rocks. It has a nice lighthouse and a neat little cove of fishing shacks and boats and people were sitting there painting them. We got some nice shots. Headed down the road and spotted the Flight 111 memorial. It was a traffic snarl with just one way in and out and had to back up. Someone shot in right behind me and did not show up in my mirrows. They were low down and behind the box. Fortunately they honked or I would of backed into them. A close call, I have no idea why they pulled crossways right behind me but since I was backing up I am sure it would of been my fault.

We headed down the coast and seen some nice scenery. Luenburg, Charlotte Bay and Bridgeport are nice towns. Luenburg has at least a 100 stores and the fishing museum. One could spend a lot of time there but basically a tourist place with history. Liverpool and Shelburn are not bad either. We had a late dinner at Port Mouton. I had scallops and Edith had Haddock. I really liked the scallops. It is my favorite what I would call non fish seafood so far.

It was getting late so we got on Interstate to make our campground at Ellenwood. It looked like it would not be in EN73 so tried to find another and ended up on a trail but thought I could get to the road but failed. Got to where it was right close by but the trail ended so had to go back. We ended up taking some secondary oil roads, spotted a sign for Ellenwood so decided to go and if it was not in EN73 to drive to where we would be in the grid for a sked in the morning. We were blessed and it ended up being in EN73. We picked a high site and set up. Quite a job setting everything up and there was some mosquitoes of course. I did send Tim NA1CW and e-mail from the tent. Forgot my Leatherman, did not have quite the correct DC connections and was missing a piece of coax and had SWR on both 20 meters and six meters so a great shake down trip for Labrador. I got 20 cured the next morning but was good enough that night to send and get E-mail. Don't know what I did to fix it on six other than took out a jumper which I used all the time.

I heard Tim calling me so worked him and then there was a sporadic E opening and worked about 50 people as far west as MN. Was tough in the dark with a hand mike. I used the flashlight and managed to get by but was not easy. It was hot and I sweated a lot. Edith got me some water as I could hardly spit.

August 5th


We broke camp. There was a lot of stuff. Felt pretty grubby after sweating so much the night before. Slept OK but did have trouble staying on the mat and there were crushed rocks that would poke even though we had a tarp, plastic liner, tent floor and tent floor protector. Definitely reminds one how good life is in the 5th!

We headed for Digby and got there in pretty good shape and headed for Digby Island and crossed on the ferry. It is a nice trip and we scheduled a Whale trip and then we hiked to balanced rock which was nice and ate dinner at a place by the ferry to Brier Island. I think it is the best seafood yet. I had Digby Scallops which were not deep fat fried. The whale tour was a bust, no whales, foggy and wet from rough seas but at least no on got sick. We did see some seals quite close. We had to wait for the ferry's next run to get on. It rained really hard on the way to Digby. We headed on around the island and finally found the Annapolis Valley. It is pretty and by far the most agriculture we have seen in Canada with corn, grain, even some beans, some vegetables, alfalfa, hay, livestock beef and dairy and some orchid trees. It is a popular scenic tour for the locals. We talked to Chris and Ole mobile and got in about an hour before dark. We struggle a bit to get the roads right into our campground and missed one turn but with the GPS found our way OK. It is really tricky to get around in the Halifax area. Quite a job getting all the camping gear stored away. I got and sent E-mail and now it is raining so a lot nicer in the 5th with the rain than in a tent. We will start heading for PEI in the morning.

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