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A test? What author said How do you know who you are? You know who your are by what you like?

PEI is a neat place, very different than where we have been. They are really gunned up for tourists! We took the ferry over and it is free. Whether you come in via the bridge or ferry it is free and you only pay on the way out. I told you they are tourist minded. We appeared to hit the ferry just right as the cars were coming off. We were in a short RV line. Unfortunately they took all the cars in the car lanes and took a bunch that came after we were in line. They only got a few RV's on. Let me tell you a "BIG" fellow from MO who was right in front of us came charging out of his van and stuck his noise right in the face of the guy that had directed the traffic on the ferry. He did get a major apology but it was all over. We got to wait 75 minutes for the next ferry. I told Edith I bet the RV line is the first on. This ferry line is like the other ferry lines with people visiting, playing music and walking around. It is quite a holiday atmosphere. Sure enough the RV line is first on and we get waved into the middle line and were the first one off. On the way over we sat by a couple from PEI so we got lots of good information from them. We stopped at the information center and they have courtesy phones where you can call anywhere in the island, don't matter if it is long distance or not, an Internet connection and literature by the bushel baskets full and great tourist info people. We got a reservation using the courtesy phone for Red Point which is near the east end of the island. It is amazing how far across the island you can get in an hour even with narrow roads. The roads were not bad and there are all kinds of oil roads. We got some pictures and then the rain set in. It rained as hard as any SD thunderstrom I have ever been in, the difference is that it lasted for over a hour! Just before our camp ground it let up. They were full but had saved us a spot so were blessed. The next morning we walked the beach and drove around the island.

It is rolling agriculture land with potatoes every place. There are alfalfa, hay, livestock, silos, corn, lots of oats and some wheat, barley and rye, soybeans or some sort of beans. It is small farms, fields are cleared from trees and generally have tree borders. It is red soil like Oklahoma. The equipment is small, looks like about like 1960 agriculture in SD.

There are lots of summer homes and retired homes all over on acreages. There are active fishing villages along the ocean. It was a fun trip in what is called the out back of PEI. We got into a campground around noon and took the F-350 to Green Gables and the site of the story of Annie of Green Gables. Now you know the answer to the question, Lucy Maude Montgomery. It was a very interesting tour, two movies and Edith bought the book. Maybe she will like it and read the other 19! I think I will read it.

We had decided we would not eat all day which we did not so we went to one of the famous PEI Lobster suppers at Fisherman's Wharf in New Rustico. It cost $22 each and we got a huge lobster, they had a 60 foot salad bar, also all the mussels you wanted, great pastery and other desserts out of this world. My favorite was like jelly roll cake but shaped like a muffin. I still can not believe how good it was!!! BTW I had two! If you ever go to PEI you have to do this! Do like we did, starve all day and show up at 4 pm because by 6 pm there were 500 people seated, eating and a hour waiting time for the line waiting.

The next morning we headed out having seen all but the western end of PEI which our PEI friends told us is the same as the rest of PEI. We paid $43.00 $C to cross the bridge. A car is $37.50 but with the 5th it is a little more. We then went up the coast of New Brunswick toward Gaspie Point. All along the NB coast has been Arcadian French for centuries. All you hear spoken is French and you find very few people who can speak much English at all!

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