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The coast line of Cape Britton, NS on the Cabot Trail. We really had a foggy day but then there are a lot of foggy days in this part of the Maritimes.

Along the Cabot Trail we notice when people put out their garbage containers they covered them with a blanket.

Here we are in line for the ferry to Newfoundland at North Sydney, NS. We are very early so there are not many in line. It is a carnaval like atmosphere with kids playing games, people walking around and visiting, and live entertainment.

Western Brook Pond in Gros Morne National Park Newfoundland on a foggy day

Falls dropping into Western Brook Pond

This map shows more of our journey. We went to the east coast of labrador by ferry from St. Barbie, NFL and along the east coast up to Charlottetown, Lab. which is as far as the road goes now but in a year it will be done to Cartwright. Later we will go from Gaspie Point, Quebec north to Labrador City, Lab and drive across Labrador to Goose Bay. At that point we are not to far from Charlottetown where we had been several weeks before. We took the 5th wheel and F-350 over to Labrador on the ferry from St. Barbie. We then came back to Newfoundland and the first picture you will see in Newfoundland once we got back will the the Arches picture. Again reading the travelogue and E-mails will provide a lot more detail.

Our first icebergs ever and they were a highlight of the trip.

It was definitely a raw, cold wind. We are on a boat out of St. Mary's Harbour on the way to Battle Harbour, Labrador which decades ago was the center of fishing activity and where Perry held his news conference after returning from the North Pole. It is now restored and it would be a neat place to stay and spend a night which you can do.

Charlottetown, the fartherest town north on the east coast of Labrador that the road is completed to. In another year it will be to Cartwright and someday all the way to Goosebay. It is gravel north of Red Bay.

We seen hundreds of gardens like this along the road in Northern Newfoundland and also along the east coast of Labrador. The fence is to try and keep the moose out. This one was by Charlottetown, Labrador

In labrador and Newfoundland we seen these sleds in many places. They were used to haul firewood. Many people made a business of selling firewood to the locals. These were primarily pulled by snow machines.

Plaque for oldest funeral site in North America

Oldest funeral site in North America

Arches along the coast north of Gros Morne National Park

This is taken at the Vikings site at L'Anse aux Meadows at the north tip of Newfoundland. They have a great interpretation center here and a guided tour of the site. It if the only confirmed site of Viking habitation in North America. This is a picture of a replicated house of what likely was on the site.

We seen the most moose of anyplace in all our travels in the area south of L'Anse aux Meadows

A beautiful sunset reflection taken by Edith on the lake by Main Brook, Newfoundland at the city park. We met Atlantic Salmon fishermen here that were from Nova Scotia, Halifax area. They gave us some Atlantic Salmon. This is the best salmon I have ever had. We bought more Atlantic Salmon after this at various fish markets. They just could not believe we were way up here and did not know anybody.

Another sunset picture taken by Edith at Main Brook.

The final reflection picture taken by Edith at Main Brook. These may be the best pictures of the trip. My hat is off to her!

Island area of Twillingate, north of Lewisporte where the ferry leaves for Labrador. It was a very pretty area.

Site of the landing of the trans-atlantic cable.

Where trans-atlantic cable messages came in for decades. This is at Heart's Content. Other towns close by are Heart's Delight and Hearts Desire.

Look at the Birds! Bird reserve at Witless Bay, Kitty Hawks, Puffins, Murres, Razorbills and Northern Gannets

We have probably been on ten boat tours trying to see whales. We have seen them a number of times in Alaska and now in the maritimes but here by Witless Bay is the best and closest! You have to actually see them to truely appreciate there size a power. I got four shots similiar to this one. Someday I may get one breaching!

A minature town in a backyard that was so authentic to many of the fishing towns we saw in the Maritime provinces

Signal Hill, St John's Newfoundland. Very foggy but being a gung ho amateur radio operator it was very thrilling to be at the site where the first trans-atlantic communication took place.

The plaque telling about the first trans-atlantic contact.

I was thrilled by the fact that they had an amateur radio station VO1AA in the tower. I was even more thrilled that I could operate. I made several QSO's from the station and they gave me a QSL card from the station.

Again very foggy but a shot of St. John's harbor. St. Johns dates back a long ways. I believe the Mayflower stopped here.

This is the most easterly point in North America. We have now been at the most northerly point in North America that you can drive to at Prudhoe Bay Alaska and also the most westerly point at Anchor Point, Alaska. I don't know if we will ever make the most southerly point which I suppose is the Panama Canal. For the USA we have been to the most easterly point which you will see later on these pages. The most southerly point is in the Florida Keys which we will go to. The most northerly and westerly are the ones mentioned in Alaska

A pretty decent picture of a bald eagle on a tour of Dildo Island and the ancient Dorsett site. Someday I will get a closeup of one flying but it is tough to get a bright enough day to use the telephoto and be able to get the telephoto steady on one flying. The most remarkable eagle sight I have seen is a Bald Eagle "buzzing" a bear eating a salomon in a steam by Hyder, Alaska. He let out a scream as he went by the bear's head missing it by about 6 inches with claws out!

Wild Bluebell flowers on Dildo Island

Wild pea plant on Dildo Island

Small seabird in the grass on Dildo Island

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