A very elegant house on Gaspie, Quebec

Salted cod drying in the sun the old fashion way!

Pierce Rock along the Gaspie coast

At Gaspie point

Quebec Hydro wind generators

We left the 5th wheel at Mutane, Quebec and took the F-350 across the St. Lawrence seaway, a trip of about 2 hours and then traveled through northern Quebec up to Labrador and over to Goosebay and back. We slept in our tent. One of the first sites as we traveled north was a large hydo dam called Manic 5.

A river as we headed for Labrador City. The trip to Goose Bay involved driving over 600 miles one way on gravel and it was very, very desolate. We had three flat tires, one a sharp rock, another a piece of steel and the last a scissors blade so not really the tires fault, just one of those things.

Labrador City

Churchhill Falls site of the huge Churchhill Falls hydro plant.

Many people who are in the military have been to the airbase at Goosebay, Labrador. It is an active NATO base today

Sand by Goose Bay

By Goose Bay is one of the prettiest areas in Labrador

The Robert Bond that goes between Lewisporte, Newfoundland where we had been to Goosebay

A barge that moved supplies along the coast of Labrador

logs at Goosebay but seen the same thing many places in Canada and New England and Michigan.

After leaving Labrador in starting the long trip through Quebec toward civilization we saw some rock art. This is one example

In amateur radio the world is divided into 40 zones and this was in Zone 2 which is quite rare so we operated from here for a day and a half. This is typical of our tent setup on this part of the trip. It was rugged! It rained, the tent never did dry out and the black flies were terrible. Eventually I had all kinds of red welts from them. At one stop we just started putting up the tent and it just poured rain. I do want to add the tent was great, no bugs in the tent other than what would get in with going in and out which we promptly killed. We stayed dry in the tent. I have nothing but good things to say about this Cabela's Alaskan Expedition tent other than the door flap over the zipper wants to catch in the zipper. Without the vestiable a little rain can get in around the door as there can not be a rain fly there so we need to get the vestibable for hard driving rain situations with wind coming right at the door. This was bear country so we had to be careful about our food. This is boondocking! Lots of experiences in the traveloge and E-mails

farm country on the way down the St. Lawrence to Quebec City

Another Quebec farm scene. They farms were extremely neat and well kept

Historic Quebec City!

This map shows our route from Goose Bay and down into New England!

Northern Maine scenery, north of Mexico

In a yard in Northern Maine

One of many covered bridges in New England.

Very pretty house in Maine, now restaurant!

Blueberry patch in Maine. We also saw potatoes and small grain and some alfalfa

Eastern most town in USA

Old Town Canoe Factor and outlet store!

Arcadia National Park Scenery, located east of Bangor, Maine.

More Arcadia Scenery, there is always a haze from air pollution

More Arcadia Scenery

Arcadia Scenery!

Arcadia Scenery!

Bar Harbor by Arcadia National Park in Maine and where the ferry leaves for NS.

Carriage ride on Rockerfeller trails in Arcadia National park!

One of many carriage bridges on carriage trails in Arcadia

Seagull in Arcadia

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