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2002 Trip to MEXICO March 2002 There are some really beautiful photo's in this upload. I hope you enjoy them!

Beach at Rocky Point, Puerto Penasco

Edith's shells from beach at Puerto Penasco, Mexico

Organ Pipe and Seneta Cactus become common quickly as you head south in Mexico. This is an Organ Pipe. Seneta are similiar but have flat sides rather than round

Ocean at San Carlos, along Sea of Cortex about 1 days travel into Mexico

Ocean at San Carlos

Beach at San Carlos

Edith's stones and a few shells from beach at San Carlos, Mexico

A very nice roadside cafe. This type of roof is very common in Mexico as well as no sides. This was one of the nicer ones.

Open market in Ajijic near Chapala in Mexico

View of Ajijic near Chapala

Pal RV Park where we stayed at Cahpala, Mexico. Note the converted bus next to us. It was a fellow named Mike and he has been all over. I learned a "TON" from him and he learned a lot about computers from me. We met a lot of people in this park and learned a wealth of information that I wrote on our maps and in files on my computer!

Fish for sale in open market at Ajijic

We seen quite a few horse drawn carts along the street

Stand in Mexico

Mexican town west of Guadaljara

Beautiful tree in Mexico

The first lavender tree we have ever seen

Where I got my tires for the 5th wheel changed with MY SPANISH, NO ENGLISH

View from our friend Pete house on the hill side overlooking the lake and town. Nice $500,000 house

View from Pete's house

This is looking down from the top of Pete's property on some of his house

Very common site along road of shops, many have little stands or just stand by the road by speed bumps, stop lights or other places you have to stop. Very much like Ghana that way

This is a poor looking field of tequilla plants, poor soil on that hill, takes 15 years for plant to be ready to make tequilla

Nice town in Mexico, some in rural areas are more shanty towns

Typical of scenery by Tepic

Area of lava east of Tepic

Typical big load in Mexico but pickup in far above average shape for vehicle carrying things

Typical of scenery between Tepic and Mazatlan

North Mazatlan beach

Another View of Mazatlan beach

Birds on Mazatlan beach, they would dive bomb into the water. They really hit hard!

A boat would pull and the person would lift off beach, make circle in the ocean and come back along beach and would manuve themselves by letting air out and steering and land on beach. I think part of the secret is the wind was blowing toward the beach

Typical cattle in Mexico, seen some feedlots, some fed fruit, often herded along road by cowboy.

Only place I have ever seen orange flowers on a tree

Indian face at entrance to San Carlos harbor for Sea of Cortez

Homes overlooking the Sea of Cortez at San Carlos

Large seal in Sea of Cortez by San Carlos

Downtown San Carlos from tour boat of Gary's Diving shop, great guy, highly recommend him for diving, touring or fishing reasonable and good!

Dolphins in Sea of Cortez

More Dolphins by San Carlos

Another shot of the dolphins. The tour left early due to the people being concerned about the traffic from the Easter celebrating so when we showed up ahead of the scheduled departure they were gone, but to show you the kind of businessman he is he sent a boat out with just Edith and I on it for the same price and we maybe were out 30 minutes less but the crew was great and we seen way more sea life than the other boats. I learned some Spanish from the crew. Tour was $39 and included Mexican music, chips and salsa and all the soda's you wanted. Of all our tours since we have retired this was the most reasonable and really good. We hope to be back and do a couple of fishing trips sometimes. He has a great package deal to fly out of the USA along with lodging down here and charters on his boats.

Spring Easter party at San Carlos

People just packed into vehicles, about 5% of drivers were obviously drinking while driving

Beach spring Easter party at San Carlos

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