Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2005 4:52 PM

Subject: Travelogue III

Check the website at for more pictures and information on our trip. It is current as of now. This will be the longest we have

ever been in one spot We have been here in the park at Rincon De Guayabitos from January 23 and will leave March 2nd. We will work

way north and get into the USA early the week preceeding Easter. It is mostly Canadian in our park but a few USA. It is primarily a

fishing park. You can get more information on that on the website as well as our trip to San Blas, Guadalajara and south to Zihautanejo and up to Lake Patzcuaro.

We found that Mexican drivers are very good about warning you of a problem ahead by flashing their lights. One of the biggest challenges

is to see some topes that are unmarked. They can really be a problem as they are very rough and hard on things if you don't get slowed down

We had a family camp next to us in a tent. They were from Guadalajara and forgot some things so we helped them out. The dad could speak a little Englsh and with my Spanish we were able to communicate. We had a noon meal together one day, very Mexican with shrimp and fish in a soup with lots of vegetables. There were three boys, two girls, a grandmotherand mom and dad. We also loaned them our foldup picnic table, got their air mattress pumped up as they did not have the right attachment for their hand pump and a fan as it was hot in their tent. They were very nice and very appreciative. They were here for about 3 days. He teaches about automatic transmissions at a technical school in Guadalajara.

We have made a lot of good friends here and there has been a number of nice events here at the park. The hike on Wednesday has been quite and experience and the WI-FI internet connection here has been great.

Ed and Edith