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We want to thank our many friends for their wonderful hospitality on our travels. Irene Zwagerman Bozeman, Mt. Ozzie and Kathy Oswald at Haugen, MT. Ernie Ornelas Sr and his wife of St. Regis, Mt. Ron and Delva Snider and Rick and Carmin Snider of Terrace, BC. Bob and Zelda Leigh of Ferndale, Washington and Jack De Lorme spending the summer in the area and Doug and and Mary Ann Johnson at Fresno, CA.

Selected pictures from our Northwest trip

Moose seen on my hike to Lake Placid in Grand Tetons, WY

Upper Falls Yellowstone NP

Lower Falls Yellowston NP

Old Faithful Yellowstone NP

Morning Glory Pool Yellowstone NP

Wildlife Glacier NP

Okanogan Valley, BC Canada

Catching Crab and Shrimp in Pacific Ocean BC

Dungenes Crab

Jumbo Shrimp

Pink Salmon, Our friends the Sniders on Kitimat River, BC

One of the Coho I caught, great fighter

Our friends the Sniders that we first met in Hyder, AK in 2001

Buchart Gardens Vancouver Is. BC

Buchart Gardens Vancouver Is. BC

Flattery Point WA. Most NW point in USA

Hoho Rain Forest, Olympia NP WA

Pacific Washington Coast

Haystack Rock Pacific Oregon Coast

Seals and Sea Lions Oregon Pacific Coast

Face Rock, note the face outline, Oregon Coast

Crater Lake NP

Lassen NP Northern CA

Of the Redwoods in Northern CA and in Sequoia NP the General Sherman is the biggest it is the largest living thing on earth!

Information on the General Sherman Sequoia

Grizzly bear near us while hiking in Sequoia NP

El Capitan, Yosemite NP, very hazy from smoke!

Dome Rock, Yosemite NP, very hazy from smoke!

Edith cutting grapes at our friends Doug and Mary Ann Johnson near Fresno, CA in their vineyard

Wind Generators south and east of Bakersfield, CA

Cedar Breaks National Monument in Utah

Lands End from the Grand Mesa in CO

Scenery on Grand Mesa the largest and highest mesa in the world

Black Canyon Gunderson CO. Again hazy from smoke

Autumn in the Colorado Rockies

Rocky Mountain NP

Elk in Rocky Mountain NP. We were in F-350 but looked like he was going to try and attack it!! Probably the best picture of the trip. Have one even closer as he flashed by!

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